Paul Harris Society  

Committee Members

Roger May - Chair
Alan Bazzaz
Barry Childs
Ted Durant
Lee Ann Gadilauskas
Steve Griffith
Curt Kirkemo
Ron Maulsby
Sharon Starr
Barbara Thompson
Vicky Trabosh
Lynne Wintermute
Bob Wollmuth


  The Paul Harris Society was instigated by the Rotary Club of San Diego in 2000.  In 2005 Rotary International allowed Rotary Districts worldwide to adopted the program.  Individuals desiring to participate in the Paul Harris Society voluntarily commit that they will contribute $1000 or more annually the The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

There are several ways that a Rotarian may initiate participation in the program.  A check for $1000 may be made out to The Rotary Foundation and given to the World Community Service (WCS) chair  at any club meeting.  Additionally, a contribution of $1000 may be made using the "Every Rotarian - Every Year" form.  The form should be completed and either mailed directly to the address on the form or given to the WCS chair.   There may be a delay in acknowledgement of 3 to 4 weeks for forms mailed directly to TRF.  Another method of participating is to complete the TRF Direct form.  This form allows for periodic automatic payments ($100/month, $250 quarterly or $1000 annually) to the TRF.  Make sure you select the "Annual Programs Fund" in order to accumulate Paul Harris Fellowship recognition points.  Members may also go "on-line" to make contributions to TRF.  If you have not previously done this you will have to register first.  In all instances you will need the following information.  Your Rotary district number is 5100.  Your Rotary club number is 292.


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