Rotary Exchange Opportunities

Committee Members

Roger May - Chair
Alan Bazzaz
Barry Childs
Ted Durant
Lee Ann Gadilauskas
Steve Griffith
Curt Kirkemo
Ron Maulsby
Sharon Starr
Barbara Thompson
Vicky Trabosh
Lynne Wintermute
Bob Wollmuth



There are various Exchange Programs available to Rotarians and non-Rotarians through Rotary International.  The exchanges vary in scope and purpose.  Please follow the links below to discover more about the global reach of Rotary International.

Youth Exchange - creates an opportunity for students between the ages of 15 and 19 who are academically above average, gregarious individuals with leadership abilities and willing to try new things a chance to spend up to 10 months in a foreign country as a cultural ambassador.

Friendship Exchange - provides Rotarians and their families the opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians in other countries. The program aims to advance international understanding and peace through personal contact across borders while developing interclub relationships for fellowship and service projects.

Group Study Exchange - is a unique cultural and vocational opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries for four to six weeks to experience the host country's institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.

Home Exchange - is a chance for Rotarians to trade their homes, condominiums or apartments at a time that is convenient to both parties, but these are not the only types of accommodations that one gets to choose from. For example, one exchanger traded his home for a 40-foot yacht. Another couple swapped their villa in Italy for a RV in Oregon because they had always wanted to tour the U.S. in true nomadic style. Often, home exchangers will include their automobiles as part of the package.

Hospitality Exchange - is Rotarians hosting each other in their homes at designated times. Your home exchange partners stay with you as guests and then you go and stay with them as their guests. There is a social aspect to this kind of exchange that some exchangers particularly enjoy. Conceivably, you also get a built-in tour guide with this mode of exchange.


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