Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Roger May - Chair
Alan Bazzaz
Barry Childs
Ted Durant
Lee Ann Gadilauskas
Steve Griffith
Curt Kirkemo
Ron Maulsby
Sharon Starr
Barbara Thompson
Vicky Trabosh
Lynne Wintermute
Bob Wollmuth



Minutes of Meeting of March 8, 2010

Call to order.  Sharon Starr called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m.  Committee members attending were David Bussman, Barry Childs, Ted Durant, Steve Griffith, Roger May, Sharon Starr and Lynn Wintermute.


The minutes of the meeting of February 8, 2010 were unanimously APPROVED.

Current Projects:

1.      Tanzania  (Masoko:  Most Vulnerable Children Project)  Service Trip.  Barry Childs reported on his highly successful trip to Masoko.  Last year seven cow cooperatives did very well and one maize cooperative struggled, mainly because of deficiencies in technical support.  With the help of a new ward agricultural and land officer, this year the agricultural enterprises have thrived.  Seven maize cooperatives were started that are projected to yield 20-25 bags of corn per acre compared to the average yield of 5-8 bags per acre.  Other encouraging signs include the fact that:

a.       Neighbors who are not part of the cooperative have begun attending the workshop sessions to learn the secrets of high yield.

b.      The most vulnerable children committees have begun auditing the families that agreed to look after the children.

c.       This fall, Roger May will lead an all Rotary trip from Oregon and the local sponsor Iringa club.

2.      Guatemala (Coatepeque: Scholarships) Service Trip.  While visiting Coatepeque last month, Alan Bazzaz contributed $100 of his own funds to buy maps for the school.  Although Alan was willing to treat this as a personal expense, a motion to reimburse him was unanimously APPROVED.  The maps are now a contribution from our Lake Oswego WCS committee.

New projects:

Costa Rica (SE Costa Rica: Utilities) Grant.  Sharon Starr reported that Dennis Wickham of the Rotary Club of Greater Clark County has solicited 10-12 clubs in the United States to partner with PDG Fabio Carballo’s San Jose Noreste Rotary Club in Costa Rica to support an infrastructure project in the southeast corner of the country near the Panama border.  The project includes gravity water pipes, latrines, a well cap and an ecostove.  After discussion of the project, a motion to donate $3000 to the project was unanimously APPROVED.

Possible projects:

1.      El Salvador  (San Salvador: Van for Mi Casa).  Dave Bussman led the discussion of a possible project in which Lake Oswego Rotary Club would partner with Rotary Club San Salvador Cuscatlan, other clubs in District 5100, the District and The Rotary Foundation to purchase a van for a school for orphans in San Salvador known as “Mi Casa.”  The school was brought to Dave’s attention by Club member Don New.  The committee has seen material and a film about this program which seems meritorious.  Dave is waiting to hear back on the name of the local contact and to confirm the definite interest of the local club.  [NOTE: On Tuesday, March 30, 2010, all conditions of the project were satisfied and a motion to contribute $3,536 to the purchase of the van was unanimously APPROVED by email.]

2.      Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam: SOS Children’s Project).  Roger May reported on conversations he has had with Walt Long of a Rotary Club in Pennsylvania concerning the possible support for a water project to benefit the SOS Children’s Project in Dar es Salaam.  Dar es Salaam is in District 9100 which, after July 1, 2010, will be a Future Vision pilot district and therefore not eligible for partnering (see below), which makes any collaboration time-sensitive.  The committee discussed but did not vote on a possible $2000 grant for the project.

Future Vision:

The committee discussed the Rotary Foundation’s  Future Vision Plan, a new grant-making model that will change the way Rotarians participate in international humanitarian projects.  During a three-year period (2010-2013), 100 pilot districts will be testing the model.  During this time, clubs in non-pilot districts will not be able to participate in matching grants with clubs in pilot districts.  Since Lake Oswego Rotary Club is part of District 5100, a non-pilot district, we will not be able to participate in matching grants with clubs located, for example, in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, as they are located in District 4250, which is a pilot district.


1.      April 12 Club lunch.  The committee discussed a program slot for outreach  at the Club lunch on April 12, 2010.  The program, which could be moderated, might include Alan Bazzaz discussing the Club’s work in Coatepeque, Barry Childs reporting on the good news from Masoko, Ted Durant describing his work in The Philippines, and Sharon Starr explaining how the Rotary grant system actually works.

2.      May 21-23 District conference.  This conference will be held at The Resort at the Mountain in Welches.  The Club will have a display there mostly focused on World Community Service Committee projects.

Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Griffith, Secretary


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