Children of the Golden Triangle - Thailand

Committee Members

Roger May - Chair
Alan Bazzaz
Barry Childs
Ted Durant
Lee Ann Gadilauskas
Steve Griffith
Curt Kirkemo
Ron Maulsby
Sharon Starr
Barbara Thompson
Vicky Trabosh
Lynne Wintermute
Bob Wollmuth


  Lake Oswego Rotarians Sharon Starr (Club President) and member Lynne Wintermute are currently in Thailand.  Sharon reports that there are 45 volunteers on site, which is apparently considerably more than usual--but all are busy. Some are Rotarians, some with a church group and some just your average volunteers. The mix includes an engineer, lots of construction workers, a couple of English teachers, two nurses, quite a few college-age kids.

Several projects here have been funded with Rotary grants already, including the water purification system, some dorms, a sewage treatment system. Also non-grant Rotary $ funded the original land purchase. The Rotary connection started the year we had a fellow from Thailand as RI president. I forget his name, but his theme was "Sewing the Seeds of Love" as you may recall.

Today being Sunday, there was a short but upbeat church program after breakfast. The hill tribes are all pretty much Christian, as a result of missionary influence in the '20s and '30s. These kids love to sing!

Lynne taught an art class later in the morning, with another scheduled for this afternoon.

One thing we've noticed, we haven't heard one kid complain or cry since we've been here. Right now I'm sitting in the art class, and they are totally engrossed. Outside I hear lots of singing and laughing from across the way.

One thing for sure, we need to get those toilet blocks installed soon! A few Turkish toilets for 550 people is a tad inadequate!


Art Class

Lynne having a great time teaching art to an attentive group of children.

Art Class

Following Lynne's instructions these children are working on an art assignment.

Water system

A new water treatment system provides clean and safe water to the facility.

Proud Akha Children

These beautiful children are proud of the new water treatment system that provides them with water safe for drinking and bathing.


One child is distracted by Sharon taking photos during dinner.


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